"Horst and Edeltraut are East Berliners, retired, proudly sporting big hair (her) and a blue Adidas suit (him) they sit on their brown leather couch and reminisce on old times. They don't speak english, they've never heard of Berghain and the gallery we held our launch at, was the first they'd ever visited.

The magazine is named after them, to homage what is left of that 'extra ordinary' Berlin, a city that rapidly and radically turned into the capital of ‘too-cool-for-school’, evolved into the epicentre of Europe’s artistic and cultural scene and became home to a nomadic generation of creative and entrepreneurial spirits." 


#Horst und Edeltraut is a multi-awarded print and online magazine about creativity and contemporary culture launched by Cosima Bucarelli + Johanna Moers in 2009. Created around the world. Published in Berlin. It captures the Zeitgeist of their generation always on the go.