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is a multidisciplinary artist.

After more than a decade working in the creative industry as a writer, producer and jewellry designer, Cosima has now fully committed to her art practice.

Her projects include sculpture, drawing, performance and more, occasionally blurring the lines between art and design. 


Cosima explores themes around the individual as a biological, psychological and spiritual being living in a complex web of interdependencies. Rooted in the thought that change is the only constant and all is in flux, she is particularly interested in the process and potential of metamorphosis as a central aspect of existence.


"My projects may as much originate in or lead to questions about personal and collective experiences, the individual and its environment, the history and future of our species. As such, the work I create functions both as a mirror that gives access to my subconscious, as well as a way to organize my thoughts and break down life's, sometimes overwhelming, complexity.

However, the body is our earthly form, so 'to create' is a strongly physical act. Echoing the words of Louise Bourgeois, the interaction with the medium has a curative effect and satisfies my need to have these objects exist in relation to my body. Thus also the choice of materials, images and techniques I use is primarily guided by my intuition and an almost physical attraction to them."



equilibrium, salon meiselberg, kærnten, aT

feb 23

ecdysiast (performance), nomad art & design fair, st moritz, ch

Jan 23

babele, spazio musa, torino, it

nov 22

salon in sabina, demoni danzanti, torri in sabina, it 

feb 22

super fusion, biennial, Chengdu, China

DEC 21

shadows, the stable, s'chanf, ch

MAY 21

sacra conversazione, Una Vetrina, Rome, It

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