Cosima Bucarelli is a jewelry designer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Rome. Her practice includes drawing, sculpture and performance.

After co-founding and directing the magazine #Horst und Edeltraut, Cosima swapped her desk for a jeweler’s bench to learn the traditional goldsmith craft from artisans in Italy and Thailand. Playing with precious metals, gems, and enamels she created transformative fine jewelry pieces that celebrate the mysterious beauty of the cosmos and channel its mystical energy. It inspired her to investigate space, movement, and matter beyond the function and form of jewelry and thus she is currently enrolled at Rome's Academy of Fine Arts.

The starting point for her projects is observations about the individual as a physical, psychological and spiritual being living in a complex web of interdependencies. Rooted in the Heraclitean thought that change is the only constant and all is in flux, she is interested in investigating the process and potential of metamorphosis as a central aspect of existence. As such, movement is a recurring theme and she is currently experimenting with the body’s transformative effect on matter.

Cosima's choices of material, color, or shape are primarily led by instinct and later paired with specific symbolic meanings, often by a game of free associations. She also juxtaposes antithetical elements to create a sense of tension or analogous ones to create a sense of harmony; negative and positive space, geometrical and organic shapes, or diverse textures build up her visual language. Ultimately, Cosima seeks to initiate an intimate conversation with the viewer - who may at times become an active part of the piece - inviting them to question unconscious patterns, set ideas, known truths.

Exhibitions 2021

May - Una Vetrina, Rome, Italy

October - Biennale, Chengdu, China

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